1. Starting Lineups

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  • Teams have 19 players on the Game Day Active Roster (GDAR) for every game. 
  • 10 players are on the field at a time - three attackmen, three midfielders, three defensemen and one goalie. 
  • Teams are allowed a maximum of four longstick defensemen/midfielders on the field at one time. 


2. The Field



  • The playing field is 110 yards long and 60 yards wide. 
  • Goals are six feet wide and six feet tall and sit in a circular goal crease, which has a diameter of six yards. 
  • The two-point arc forms a semi-circle measuring 16 yards from the center of the goal line and extends straight to the end line. 
  • Wing lines positioned 20 yards from the center of the field intersect the midfield line and are 20 yards long. 


3. Gameplay



  • MLL games consist of four quarters of 15 minutes.  
  • If the game is tied at the end of the fourth quarter, the teams will play continuous 10-minute overtime periods until a goal is scored. 
  • The average duration of an MLL game is about two hours and 20 minutes. 
  • Individual teams typically score between 12-17 goals per game. 


4. Shot Clock 


  • MLL uses a 60-second shot clock, which starts as soon as possession is gained.
  • After a team gains possession, they have 20 seconds to advance the ball over the midfield line. 
  • When a team fails to register a shot on goal in 60 seconds, possession is granted to the defending team. 
  • The shot clock resets when: 
    • A shot is taken on goal (including hitting the post)
    • Any time possession changes teams
    • After a penalty
    • Offsetting fouls


5. Two-Point Goals 


  • Teams are awarded two points for any goal scored from beyond the two-point arc. 
  • The shooter's foot has to be completely on the outside of the line. It cannot touch the line. 
  • Any goal scored inside the arc is worth one point.  


6. Penalties and Officiating


  • MLL has different types of penalties that typically range from 30 seconds to five minutes. 
  • Personal fouls result in the offending player going to the penalty box for one to three minutes, depending on the severity of the infraction, and his team will play the duration of the penalty with one fewer player on the field.
  • Game misconduct penalties can be added to a personal foul, resulting in additional penalty time.  
  • Any player accumulating five separate personal fouls or 10 minutes of penalty time during the course of a game will be suspended for the remainder of the game and subject to possible suspension from future games.
  • Technical fouls are less serious than a personal foul and result in either a 30-second penalty or a change in possession.
  • There are four officials with one crew chief. 
  • Click here for a list of all referee hand signals


7. Lacrosse Dictionary

  • BTB - "Behind-the-back" referring to either a pass or shot 
  • Cage - Another name for the goal
  • Clear - When the defensive team gains possession of the ball and transitions to offense
  • Crease - The circle around the goal
  • Dive - When an offensive player dives into or across the crease while shooting
  • Dodge - Moves used by a ball carrier to get around a defender 
  • Groundball - When the ball is loose on the field
  • Ride - When a team loses possession in the offensive zone and tries to prevent a clear (i.e. "press" in basketball)
  • Run-out - Players race to the end line when a ball is shot out of bounds because the closest player to the line wins possession


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